AlphaPoint Exchange Solutions

Modular architecture designed for digital assets

High-performance exchange technology. Built for blockchain.

Enterprise matching engine

Throughput of nearly 1 million transactions per second. Ultra-lean design. Advanced risk controls.

Trade any digital asset

Supports any public or private blockchain - including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Ripple. Support for loyalty points and bespoke assets.

Advanced APIs

Connect to FIX, Binary, WebSocket, REST, and custom APIs.

Advanced financial integrations

Integrates with banking, settlement, and payments rails, as well as 200+ national currencies.

Modular design

Plugin-based architecture enables easy connection to KYC/AML, authentication, ETL/reporting, and other services.

24/7 System

Supports round-the-clock trading and advanced market settings and supervision.

Learn how operators can rapidly launch high-volume markets.

Institution-grade Throughput & Security

Optimizable for instituional, professional, and consumer-facing trading. Enterprise features include:

  • Throughput of nearly 1 million transactions per second
  • 20+ advanced order types
  • Advanced order routing, order lifecycle management, and market risk settings
  • Vetted by independent third-party security audits

Scalable Connectivity

Modular, extensible design allows for truly scalable integrations with current and next-generations platforms and services.

  • Advanced, flexible integration with outisde services for banking, payments, settlement, authentication, KYC/AML, market data, et al.
  • Supports 200+ national currencies, 20+ digital assets, and bespoke products
  • Integrates with AlphaPoint Remarketer for automated market making
  • Inbuilt connectivity with assets issued on AlphaPoint Distributed Ledger Platform

Launching your exchange with AlphaPoint

Each exchange receives an Account Manager, Technical Launch Manager, and Support Engineer, as well as advanced tools for operating and optimizing their exchange.

Advanced Operator Tools

Intuitive admin dashboard. Robust analytics. Advanced risk, monitoring, and alert settings,

24/7 Support

Training, launch, and QA support from Technical Launch Manager. Ongoing, round-the-clock assistance from Support Engineers.

Continuous Updates

Support for new digital assets, banking connections, KYC modules, and other integations. Ongoing platform and feature updates.

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