Optimized for Enterprise Deployment

  • Best-in-class security techniques leveraging hardware and software technologies
  • Configurable and customizable consensus and permissioning
  • Built for the enterprise and modular architecture for high performance deployments

Enterprise-grade tools

  • Manage and search across all assets
  • Monitor blockchain network and environment
  • Modular, lightweight, extensible platform
  • 24/7 system support
  • Product agnostic and protocol interoperability

AlphaPoint TrustedVM™

AlphaPoint TrustedVM™ is a trusted virtual machine enabled by Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) technology which allows confidential smart contracts and blockchain services to run securely. The AlphaPoint Asset Digitization solution with AlphaPoint TrustedVM™ adds additional enterprise-class capabilities by securing access to information from intermediaries and network participants, thereby enhancing privacy and security to the AlphaPoint Distributed Ledger Platform™.
  • Faster time to market - Quickly develop and deploy blockchain applications with proven technology.
  • Hardware-enforced privacy and secure consensus - Execution and validation inside the TrustedVM™, ensuring data is not visible to any unwanted parties.
  • Lower and predictable costs - With linear scalability, this technology improves total cost of ownership (TCO) and operational efficiencies.
  • Simplified development - Smart contracts and applications may be written in TypeScript and JavaScript, instead of highly specialized languages.

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